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Turnaj 95-00
Subway p2k
Fiasko 98-01
Avalcon 00
Syndeecate 01
Dee a deníček
Veverka a šuplík
ReDox + Pavlínka
Carlos, Raist, Woid N00ly

I opened GitHub account and uploaded Machina, RAIN and CiA. Archeologists and historicians, boot up your DOS beasts, it's time for massive distributed development!

Update: SVGA version on YouTube, thanks!

Anapurna is on YouTube. Thanks, 84marsel. Unfortunately it's captured from early 236byte 320x200 version, not from final 640x480. For a few seconds, I was thinking of capturing movie quality 1024x768 slow-motion (which is actually 2 bytes shorter), but then reality struck back and I went to change daugter's diaper.

7-dee is 7-zip modified to be even better.

Caribbean Blue on YouTube. Pure nostalgy made me try this 9 years old 256b intro in DOSBox only to find that DOSBox totally can't emulate my manly AdLib code. N00ly saves the day! Psychically synchronized, he captured and uploaded this 6 channel tune one week ago.

Lightsmark 2008 released, benchmark and demo of realtime global illumination.

I assembled patch that improves GLUT (exiting main loop, mouse wheel support...).

If you emailed me or Lightsprint in past and received no reply, please try again, some emails were lost.

Lightsmark 2007 released, new benchmark and demo of realtime global illumination.

I started to build list of Realtime global illumination demos.
Big update -> list is complete.

Vzkaz pro navstevniky GDS2007: dema z prednasky jsem zacal zarazovat do seznamu dem s realtime globalnim osvetlenim, vcetne odkazu na stazeni, vysvetleni techniky atd.

Lightsprint Demo download.
Shows realtime global illumination in dynamic scene controlled by user.

My 'music' appears in Pavel Velecky's cool movie Hadurie a cesta na druhý konec stolu (Czech). Several seconds of Hadovka module made for Fiasko 2000, I'm famous, finally ;)

Realtime Radiosity Bugs demo, free download.
Realtime Radiosity Bugs were selected for bigscreen show and competition at Eurographics 2006.

2006/9/3 - my realtime radiosity blog starts.
While I post here at only my releases, blog will be updated much often with links to interesting stuff other people do.

My initials on our universe.
NASA comments: This map of remnant heat from Big Bang provides answers to fundamental questions about the origin and fate of our universe.
I always knew that.

Updated Digital reconstruction of cartoon movies based on genetic algorithms.
Czech only preview of paper.

Updated Realtime Radiosity Viewer article+demo.
Faster radiosity, shadow filtering, tested on both NVIDIA, ATI.

Added Lightsprint company web.

Added Realtime Radiosity Integration article.

Added Archive Pareniste-Realtime CD2 (issues 38-60) for download.

Added Archive Pareniste-Realtime CD3 (issues 61-80) for download. Have some space for CD2?

Excellent audio library FMOD switched to unified API for all types of sound (samples, streams, modules..), which is what RAIN has for six years.

Realtime radiosity page update.

Voting system page update inspired by Marast: comparison of techniques.

Undergroud 10: Tangodrom and Underground 20: God married added to Broncs site. Only 2 years delay.

Old news...