Current state of project


With RAIN it is possible to write Windows clients (clients = your applications) and DOS clients fully working in DOS and Windows (9x/Me/NT/2k/XP).
It is verified (on play.c and play.pas demos) that clients may be written at least in: If you are interested in other compilers/platforms, contact me.


There are two RAIN servers with necessarily different communication protocols.

DOS server services may be directly called by 16 or 32bit real or protected mode clients running in DOS, its communication protocol uses shared memory and INT 0x12. DOS server supports SB, GUS, PAS and WSS. Server doesn't speed up timer, it is free for applications, but old handler must be still called 18.2 times per second.

Windows server must be able to comunicate with both Windows and DOS clients, its communication protocol uses two shared files. Windows server plays via waveOut or DirectSound.

It is possible to write also Linux RAIN server for DOS applications running in DOSemu, server with the same file sharing protocol, but it doesn't look much useful. Other platforms are too far from me now.

Both servers use MIDAS 1.1.2 and AMP11 from OCP 2.6. DOS server uses DOS4GW because it alows RTM(16) extender to be spawned. Both servers are build by Watcom C/C++.


There are small wrappers for running applications that decide and run the most suitable server together with application. They also hide possible different ways of running applications with different servers.