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My contributions to other projects
7-zipsmall patch out of mainline
wxWidgetssmall patches
Assimpsmall patches
OpenColladasmall patches
FColladasmall patches
RenderLightsmajority of code (2008-2015)
Glutsmall patch out of mainline
Darwinia+port of renderer to Xbox360, graphics effects (2006-2007)
Mafia IImajority of renderer (2004-2006)
Wings of Warmultiplayer, instant action (2003-2004)
Smarthouseswitches, displays, touch, infra, voice, networking, heating (2002-2003)

My projects


I started moving my old projects to GitHub. New ones will follow.


Next generation lighting benchmark with Realtime Global Illumination, Penumbra Shadows.
Windows binary.

Lightsprint Demo
Realtime global illumination in dynamic scenes controlled by user.
Windows binary.


Realtime Radiosity Bugs
Game concept based on realtime radiosity. Presented at Eurographics 2006
Windows binary. User comments.

Provides realtime or precalculated global illumination, integrates into renderer.
Middleware for game developers.

Realtime Radiosity Integration + Viewer
Global illumination for any local illumination renderer. 66k triangles, 20fps on GeForce 6600.
Windows binary.


Fast Correct Soft Shadows
Realtime calculated primary illumination, 83k triangles, 23fps on GF4Ti 4200.
Windows binary. Source code.


Animated high resolution 3D fractal, 256 bytes.
DOS/Windows binary. User comments.


Radiosity in dynamic scenes
Realtime updated global illumination, ~1k triangles, 2fps on AMD K6 500MHz.
Windows+Linux binaries. Source code. Paper.

Caribbean Blue
6 channel music in code, 256 bytes.
DOS/Windows binary, needs SoundBlaster or AdLib. YouTube video. User comments.


Bump is possible
Rotating bump-mapped object, 256 bytes.
DOS/Windows binary. User comments.


Voting sheet evaluation
Voting System
Voting sheets (quickly captured by camera) are automatically processed, enquiry results generated.
Windows binary. Source code.

Genetic reconstruction of brightnes levels
Movie Reconstruction
Work in progress.

RAIN - Resident Audio Interface
Audio library. Unified API for streams, modules, samples. Client server
DOS/Windows binaries. Source code.

Deus ex Machina
Diskmag engine. Used by ~10 diskmags in 1994-2002, commercial ones sold 1+ million copies.
DOS/Windows binaries. Source code.

Broncs production
~10 demos and intros in Broncs production.

Downtown production
~10 demos and intros in Downtown production.


Pisqorky for Wizards and Dummies

Other sw...